Trump Claps Back at Fact Check

Trump Claps Back at Fact Check

( – For years, the Left has whined about President Donald Trump’s tweeting. Recently, the hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” waged a campaign to have him censored. Twitter’s management decided they wouldn’t do that outright, so, instead, they are “fact-checking” him. Now the president’s responding to their decision.

On May 26, Twitter decided they’re the arbiter of the truth and started adding fact checks to the president’s tweets. They decided to use biased media sources to do it and Trump’s not happy about it. He responded to their decision late Tuesday night.

On Wednesday morning, the president also said he’s thinking about regulating the social media giant.

It’s long past time Twitter, Facebook, and other social media companies are made to answer for skewed enforcement of their rules. They’ve targeted other conservatives with various methods of censorship, but this latest unfair targeting of the president was the last straw for many. The CEOs of the companies should think long and hard about the direction they’re headed because President Trump is not someone they want to tangle with.

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