Trump Credited as “Mover and Shaker” of the Republican Party

"President Trump Signs H.R. 133" (Public Domain) by The White House

In light of the direction that the 2020 presidential election has gone, many Americans are expecting that President Trump will depart from the White House on January 20. However, President Trump and multiple congressional Republicans maintain that the race is not over yet.

“Congressional Ball at the White House” (Public Domain) by The White House

Next week, Republicans in both congressional chambers are planning to push back against the formal certification of Biden as the winner of the 2020 race. Trump himself maintains that this forthcoming Wednesday will be a test as to whether or not the GOP stands by the Constitution.

There’s no denying the 45th president’s monumental impacts on the Republican Party. In spite of the turn that the latest White House has taken, Trump is still being credited as a “mover and shaker” of the Republican Party, according to Breitbart News.

Moving and Shaking the GOP in America

Georgia GOP Rep. Jody Hice spoke about the impact that President Trump’s had on the Republican Party during a Fox & Friends First interview. According to the GOP representative, the president has greatly affected matters regarding election security, $2,000 COVID-19 stimulus payments, and the overall “face” of the GOP.

Hice also opined that Trump’s power and influence will maintain even after January 20. He then spoke about the concerns that Georgians have about the security of the upcoming runoff races; this is a matter that Trump has spoken extensively about and one that Hice claims the president is prioritizing.

Ultimately, the Georgia Republican affirmed that members of his party want to continue moving forward with the agendas Trump has laid out. He then credited the president as a long-lasting “mover and shaker” of the Republican Party.

Security in U.S. Elections

Right now, there are many Republicans who have concerns about the security of elections, as previously stated. These concerns, however, could be problematic for the GOP in future elections, if they are not addressed.

Conservatives want to know that their votes count and will not be switched out or cancelled by unlawful ballots. This is an issue that President Trump is continuing to speak about and draw attention to. Unfortunately, the 2020 presidential election left many Republican voters feeling disenfranchised and on the fence about voting in future races to come.

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