Trump Critics Fume Over Upcoming White House Holiday Parties

"2020 White House Christmas" (Public Domain) by The White House

In the period leading up to Thanksgiving, the liberal left and lockdown enthusiasts spent time screaming about gatherings. They argued that Americans should cancel their Thanksgiving plans and instead use the holidays to speak to relatives over Zoom, rather than in person.

“2020 White House Christmas” (Public Domain) by The White House

Travel data has shown that people didn’t fall for it. Millions of folks across the nation traveled for Thanksgiving and Christmas plans also remain in the works.

The White House will also be hosting holiday parties, something which infuriates the president’s critics; although, according to Newsmax, the White House Christmas parties will come with certain modifications, due to COVID-19.

What to Know About White House Holiday Parties

Despite the noise from those in favor of indefinite shutdowns and restrictions, the White House will be celebrating the holidays this Christmas season. Following the news of these upcoming events, Stephanie Grisham, a spokesperson for the first lady, released a statement providing more information.

Per Grisham’s statement, parties in the White House will come with certain stipulations. For starters, attendees of these events will be required to wear face coverings and encouraged to social distance from one another. The guest lists of these parties will also be smaller than in previous years; furthermore, attendees of the White House parties will have access to hand sanitizer.

Beverages carried around and handed out will also come with covers while food stations have plexiglass as protective barriers. The first lady’s spokesperson also made certain to mention that joining the White House parties will ultimately turn out to be a “personal choice.”

A War on the Christmas Spirit?

Towards the end of last month, Ohio GOP Rep. Jim Jordan warned that Democrats would attempt to “cancel” Christmas, just as they tried with Thanksgiving. Judging from liberal reactions to forthcoming White House parties, this warning appears to have merit.

As shutdown fans complain about the White House’s decision to throw parties, Dr. Fauci has come out with some remarks about how Americans should approach Christmas. In typical Fauci fashion, he’s warning that a “surge” in COVID-19 could happen, following travel over the Thanksgiving holiday.

The controversial “expert” has also come out and stated that he doesn’t expect coronavirus guidelines to shift over the periods of Christmas or New Year’s.

Do you agree with the White House’s decision to hold Christmas parties? What do you think about the precautions they’ve set in place? Let us know down below in the comments section.