Trump Fights Back After Powell Comments

Trump Fights Back After Powell Comments

( – In 2016, former Secretary of State Colin Powell (R) voted for Hillary Clinton and it made some waves prior to the election. On June 7, he announced, once again, he was going to vote for a Democrat. President Donald Trump responded to the revelation and hit the former George W. Bush official for his bad record.

During an interview with Jake Tapper on “State of the Union,” Powell called the president a liar, saying nobody holds him accountable and accused him of “drifting away” from the Constitution. That’s all very ironic coming from a man who helped propel the US into a war with Iraq based on lies. President Trump was quick to point that out.

Never Trump Republicans are the worst kind. They condemn the president for any number of decisions, but never manage to confront their poor choices head-on.

The truth here is there never were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The Bush Administration lied. As a result, America lost thousands of soldiers and is stuck in an unending war.

You know who never did anything like that? President Trump.

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