Trump Fires Back at Media

Trump Fires Back at Media

( – The mainstream media (MSM) and Democrats have been trying to spin a narrative, blaming President Donald Trump for the COVID-19 deaths across the country. They’ve even tried to drive a wedge between the commander-in-chief and Dr. Anthony Fauci, a member of the White House’s coronavirus response team. On April 13, the fed-up president walked into the press briefing room ready for battle.

Trump played a video at the press conference with media clips proving how skewed the coverage has been.

He then read a timeline of his response that contradicted MSM press reports.

As expected, the Left and CNN are super outraged the president had the audacity to defend himself. Apparently he’s supposed to just allow the lies to continue with no challenges, fact checks, or interventions. President Trump has worked day and night to help America through the pandemic. So, why aren’t they?

Only they can answer that, but one thing is certain: Trump won’t take it lying down.

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