Trump Goes After Biden

Trump Goes After Biden

( – Former President Barack Obama’s administration targeted Donald Trump’s campaign during the 2016 election; there’s no longer any doubt. Just last week, Michael Flynn, a former Trump Administration official and adviser during the race, was exonerated after the attacks on him by the former president’s DOJ were made public. Now, the commander-in-chief is calling out former Vice President Joe Biden for his part in it all.

During a Fox News interview on May 8, President Trump said Biden was “very much” involved in the Russia witch hunt. The president went on to call the former vice president a “bad candidate” for the Democratic Party, saying he’s “incompetent.” He then poked fun at the 2020 presidential nominee’s virtual campaign events.

Although it isn’t clear what part Biden played in the attacks on the Trump Campaign, it stands to reason he was involved. The former VP and Obama were tight like brothers, so he had to know what was going on. We can only hope that anyone who broke the law during that witch hunt is punished to the fullest extent of the law so they can never hurt our democracy again.

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