Trump Goes After Big Tech

Trump Goes After Big Tech

( – For years, social media companies have gotten away with censoring conservative voices. This week, Twitter took it too far when they messed with President Donald Trump by putting a fact-check warning on some of his tweets. Now, they’re going to pay for that mistake.

On May 28, the president issued the “Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship” reigning in social media companies. The order will strip the platforms of their protections under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Basically, the law protects Twitter, Facebook, and others from lawsuits over content on their sites and allows them to remove posts if they do it “in good faith.”

President Trump is sick and tired of the companies not doing it in good faith. Under his executive order, they’d be open to lawsuits for censoring people for their political speech.

Twitter ignored the president’s executive order and doubled down, censoring one of his tweets that night for “glorifying violence,” though decided to leave it available. However, users must click to unhide the tweet after reading this warning message.

Trump, once again, had to spend his limited time calling the company out for its hypocrisy.

Twitter is going to get burned if they keep playing with fire. It’s clear the president is fed up and so are the rest of the American people.

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