Trump Holds Operation Warp Speed Summit at White House

"Thanksgiving Video Conference Call with" (Public Domain) by The White House

Amid the production of the coronavirus vaccine, many Americans have questions. Which parts of the country will get the vaccine before others? Who will have access to the vaccine first? Will the shot be mandatory or voluntary?

“2020 Christmas Tree Lighting” (Public Domain) by The White House

These inquiries are only the tip of the iceberg; however, President Trump and the White House remain hard at work. Yesterday, the 45th president hosted an Operation Warp Speed summit at the White House. During this time, Trump discussed the coronavirus vaccine, its distribution, and other relevant logistics, according to Townhall.

What to Know About the Operation Warp Speed Summit

The ultimate focus of yesterday’s Operation Warp Speed summit centered around the distribution plans for the coronavirus vaccine. President Trump informed Americans that Pfizer is currently working to gain the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s approval for their COVID-19 vaccine.

Assuming that the FDA gives the necessary approval, “tens of millions of [COVID-19] vaccine doses” will become accessible this month.

The president then informed that “hundreds of millions more” vaccine doses will follow if the first tens of millions go off without a hitch. Trump also made a point of vowing that the coronavirus vaccine will be available to any American who wishes to receive it.

According to President Trump, the White House’s present plan will expedite the COVID-19 vaccine to first responders, healthcare workers, elderly U.S. citizens, and patients who suffer from health conditions.

An Executive Order on the COVID-19 Vaccine

Before yesterday’s White House summit, President Trump signed a very specific executive order regarding the coronavirus vaccine. In a nutshell, this executive order calls for each American to have “free, safe, and effective [access to] COVID-19 vaccines.”

In doing this, the president is also ordering his White House administration to come up with a plan for international allies and partners of America to have access to the coronavirus vaccine; this, of course, is set to occur after U.S. citizens are “afforded the opportunity” to receive the coronavirus shot.

Americans’ feedback on willingness to receive the COVID-19 vaccine is a mixed bag, at best. Some people have confirmed that they will gladly get the injection as soon as it becomes available. Others are choosing to wait for a period of time, while some Americans are firmly opposed to receiving the vaccination.

Will you be willing to get the vaccine for coronavirus once it becomes available in your community? What did you think about President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed summit? Let us know down in the comments section below!