Trump Receives Warm Welcome Back to Florida

"President Trump Travels to Florida" (Public Domain) by The Trump White House Archived

Yesterday, Donald Trump departed from the White House for the last time as the nation’s president. In a break from tradition, Trump did not attend yesterday’s presidential inauguration; instead, the exiting 45th president spoke at Joint Base Andrews before departing from Florida.

“President Trump’s First 100 Days: 26” (Public Domain) by The Trump White House Archived

On Wednesday morning, many conservatives took to social media to thank and praise Trump. They lauded his policies and decisions made in the White House; Republicans also expressed their fond farewells, stating that the 45th president’s legacy will carry out, despite the new administration.

When Trump arrived in Florida yesterday, he was furthermore greeted by a cheerful crowd of supporters, confirms Washington Examiner.

Welcoming Home the 45th President of America

When Trump’s motorcade made its way to Mar-a-Lago, he was greeted by supporters waving American and pro-Trump flags.

Supporters of the now-former president stated that they wanted Trump to know that he isn’t alone; likewise, Floridians who greeted the 45th president yesterday also stated that Trump did a great job in office and that he will be missed.

The welcome home display was well-received by the departing president yesterday. Video footage and images online showed Trump smiling and waving at his supporters as his motorcade drove by. The outgoing president’s arrival in the Sunshine State arrived after his speech at Joint Base Andrews.

Life After the Trump Presidency

Many Americans who supported Trump have braced themselves for what the Biden administration shall bring over these next four years. The 46th president has already signed a series of executive orders that essentially nullify Trump-era policies.

Decisions such as blocking Keystone XL Pipeline and re-entering into the disastrous Paris Climate Agreement only threaten American jobs and undermine national security. Biden, however, is more concerned with implementing these measures and forcing mask-wearing on federal properties than ending the ongoing economic crisis.

Yesterday, before the 45th president left Joint Base Andrews, he promised supporters to return “in some form.” This is something which many Trump supporters look forward to, especially in light of the decisions and policies being perpetrated by the new administration of Joe Biden.

Are you surprised that Trump supporters showed up in Florida to welcome the 45th president back home? In what way do you think President Trump will return to the mainstream? Be sure to let us know what you think will happen in the comment section below.