Trump Responds to Biden’s Insults

Trump Responds to Biden's Insults

( – Former Vice President Joe Biden crawled out of his Delaware basement to make a speech on June 2. Of course, instead of trying to unite the country, he used the opportunity to attack President Donald Trump. The commander-in-chief didn’t let the insults go unanswered.

Biden traveled to Philadelphia City Hall to deliver the speech. He claimed the president used “tear gas and flash grenades” on peaceful protestors to clear the area for a photo op. Then he went on to say Trump is only concerned with “serving the passions of his base” rather than helping the American people.

President Trump called out the presumed Democratic presidential candidate on Twitter:

Biden’s speech was trash. It was a sad attempt by a losing candidate to insult the man dominating him. President Trump is caring for the American people by restoring order. Of course, the former vice president wouldn’t understand that because the president he served for eight years wasn’t interested in that sort of thing.

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