Trump Set to Speak at 2022 NRA Convention in Houston

Many Americans miss the days when former President Trump was in the White House.

During the Trump administration, gas prices and unemployment levels were low. Inflation wasn’t even a factor and the country was doing a lot better than it is today.

Unfortunately, with Trump out of the White House, the country is in big trouble. People are very much struggling under the Biden administration and looking forward to him being out of office.

As the 2024 presidential election gets closer, it appears all but certain that Trump is going to make a third run for the White House. The former president has also hinted at this as well.

However, in the meantime, Trump is set to make an appearance at this year’s National Rifle Association (NRA) convention in Houston, Texas, according to Fox News.

What to Know About Trump’s Upcoming NRA Appearance

Wayne LaPierre, the CEO of the NRA, confirmed this past Thursday that former President Trump will speak at the Houston NRA convention during Memorial Day weekend.

While the convention will take place over the course of May 27, May 28, and May 29, Trump will be speaking on the very first day.

During the convention, other speakers will include Rep. Dan Crenshaw, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Sen. Ted Cruz, and others.

LaPierre, in announcing Trump’s upcoming appearance at the NRA convention, also praised the former president for his work in defending the Bill of Rights and nominating justices to the Supreme Court who respect the Constitution.

Other NRA-related News

As the Biden administration increases its attacks against gun owners and the Second Amendment, the NRA has been hard at work to protect the right to bear arms.

Since Biden’s been in office, multiple states have wound up legalizing constitutional carry. This is something that’s garnered major levels of support from the NRA and other gun rights groups.

The NRA has also been encouraging states that have yet to pass constitutional carry to do so. Florida, for instance, appears on the verge of becoming the next constitutional carry state in America.

As the NRA works to protect the right to bear arms, it’s repeatedly coming under fire from the left. In some cases, left-wing activists have been caught on video, saying they want the Second Amendment to be completely repealed and overturned.

Trump’s presence at the NRA convention on May 27 will undoubtedly be well-received. Likewise, it’ll serve as a reminder of when America had a president who actually cared about Second Amendment rights.

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