Trump signs order to reform policing


President Trump will sign an executive order today to prevent police brutality and misconduct, especially toward African Americans. The order is designed to improve the credentialing, training, administrative practices, and mental health resources for law enforcement officers.

President Trump is striking a balance between his law and order policies and consideration for the popular outrage at police brutality as exemplified in the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police.

Trump finds compromise amidst tough social issues


Trump has had to balance his response to the nationwide protests following the death of Floyd in the midst of a tense mood following the coronavirus lockdown, in which millions of Americans lost their jobs. With the election a few months away, every move the president makes can be decisive for him and his party.

Trump’s executive order incentivizes good conduct on the part of law enforcement by tying the approval of federal grants to the enactment of best practices.

It also aims to increase transparency by standardizing the conditions for the use of force while improving the availability of information on officers’ backgrounds to prevent bad apples from getting rehired in ignorance. The order also stipulates that social workers should accompany law enforcement in appropriate scenarios such as those involving drug addiction.

Trump announced that “We’re going to be talking about things that we’ve been watching and seeing for the last month and we’re going to have some solutions . . . “Certainly we can add on to what we do by the work that’s being done in the House and in the Senate.”

Key Americans in law enforcement officials and family members of individuals killed by police have been invited to the signing ceremony.

Democrats offer incoherent solutions to social unrest that they opportunistically support

Democrats and the activists they support are simultaneously calling for defunding or disbanding the police and enacting draconian restrictions on gun ownership, which would leave Americans with vastly reduced resources to protect their lives and property.

President Trump commented on the recent police shooting of Rayshard Brooks, a black man in Atlanta on Friday, noting that it was deeply disturbing. An officer involved and the Atlanta police chief have both resigned.

Trump’s approaches to police reform and the nationwide protests appear to resonate with many Americans. About a million people have applied for tickets to Trump’s upcoming campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.