Trump Sues Pulitzer Board for Defamation

Former President Trump filed a defamation lawsuit against the Pulitzer Prize board on Wednesday, alleging a declaration by the organization concluding an assessment of his past statements defamed him.

Trump Seeks Justice

Trump has vowed to file a lawsuit for months after the board released the presumably slanderous accusation announcing the conclusion of two autonomous assessments ordered by Trump and others.

This was over Pulitzer reporting exposing Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election.

The board inevitably denied Trump’s application to rescind the 2018 national reporting awards given to The New York Times and The Washington Post.

It stated the evaluations indicated “no passages or headlines, conjectures or presumptions in any of the winning documents were disproved by factual information that surfaced after the prizes were conferred.”

Trump’s lawsuit, which has been submitted in a court in Okeechobee County, Florida, and first covered by Fox News, contends the board operated with genuine malice in publishing the declaration with the intention of harming Trump’s image.

It seeks unspecified compensation.

Trump has utilized the courts for decades to target his adversaries and gain publicity regarding his own claims. It’s a practice that predates his leadership by decades.

The former president argued the Pulitzer board’s declaration contained numerous falsehoods and referred to the organization as “the establishment’s establishment.”

Based on the information available to defendants at the date these assessments were purportedly performed, it was impossible for a single objective, complete, and unbiased review to make such a result, let alone two, the lawsuit alleges.

It also states that despite knowing this, the defendants released the Pulitzer Statement, obviously seeking sensationalism.

The 20 winning entries detail the Russian government’s efforts to manipulate the 2016 presidential election and the federal inquiry into suspected cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Trump decried the investigation as a witch hunt for years, despite the fact some of the fundamental claims have been discredited. He has regularly referred to the winning articles as an “extraordinary media circus” in his complaints.

Claims Denied

According to Charlie Stadtlander, spokesman for New York Times, the aim and obligation of the New York Times is to report comprehensively and objectively on subjects of newsworthiness.

The foreign interference in the 2016 elections has been both significant and unparalleled in the history of this nation.

He claims their reporters diligently researched genuine claims, fact-checked, corrected, and ultimately created ground-breaking news whose veracity was repeatedly confirmed.

The Hill has contacted The Washington Post and the Pulitzer board for a response. Neither The Washington Post nor The New York Times is named in the lawsuit.

This week, Washington Post released a statement, expressing its desire to lay off a large number of employees in the upcoming weeks and months, due to profit issues.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.