Trump Sues to Get His Account Reinstated on Twitter

Big tech censorship has reached dangerous levels. Just last week, YouTube announced its decision to take down any content deemed as “anti-vaccine.”

What this really means is YouTube is shutting down anyone who says anything about vaccines other than calling them great and saying everyone should get them. It’s not hard to question whether or not big pharma payouts had a role in this decision.

Americans truly saw the extent of big tech censorship begin to rise earlier this year. That happened when Twitter and virtually every other mainstream social media platform shut down then-President Trump’s accounts after the January 6 Capitol riots.

However, Trump isn’t taking this rolling over. The Epoch Times reports that Trump is fighting back and now suing to get his Twitter account reinstated.

A Closer Look at Trump’s Lawsuit

On Friday, the former president filed a civil lawsuit in the state of Florida. In Trump’s lawsuit, he makes the claim that Twitter’s removal of his account violates free speech rights and the Stop Social Media Censorship Act of Florida.

Trump is moreover seeking an introductory injunction against Twitter. The former president made the case that Democrat lawmakers ultimately manipulated Twitter into suspending his account; on the basis of this argument, Trump subsequently asserts this boils down to abusive governmental power.

Attorneys of the former president additionally make the case that failure to allow Trump back onto Twitter will have an effect on the midterm races.

The lawyers also made note of the reality that frequent misinformation posted by the Taliban (an international terrorist group) doesn’t lead to Twitter shutting down their page. In January, Twitter claimed that their decision to remove the 45th president boiled down to him supposedly glorifying violence.

What Will Come of the Lawsuit?

Right now, Trump’s lawsuit to get his Twitter account back is still in its very earliest stages. However, there are many Americans rooting for the president in his fight against communist big tech censorship.

Letting social media companies control information available to individuals sets a very dangerous precedent. The systemic de-platforming of Trump this year was alarming; it also shows that other Americans are vulnerable to whatever censorship the social media companies attempt to carry out.

If Trump’s lawsuit to get back on Twitter succeeds, it’s very possible he could pursue similar suits to reaccess his accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and the other sites that shut him down.

In many ways, this Trump lawsuit will majorly determine whether or not big tech censorship continues to worsen or gets stopped in its tracks.

Do you think former President Trump will manage to find his way back on Twitter and other social media accounts that banned him? Let us read your predictions below in the comments section.