Trump Supporters to Protest 2020 Election This Weekend

"President Trump and the First Lady Retur" (Public Domain) by The White House

Many conservatives are not pleased with the current state of the 2020 presidential election. Multiple surveys over the past few weeks show that the majority of Republicans and Trump supporters believe Democrats cheated to give Joe Biden an unearned and illegitimate win.

Unrest over this year’s presidential race is also advanced by various court rulings. Thus far, courts at all levels have tossed and refused to hear cases from Trump lawyers and other Republicans challenging the election outcome.

“Operation Warp Speed Vaccine Event” (Public Domain) by The White House

From reports of duplicate ballots, vote switching, ineligible voters, and more, plenty of conservatives believe this election was stolen from President Trump. This is why Trump supporters will gather this weekend in different parts of the country to protest the current outcome, confirms Newsmax.

Protests Across the Nation

Thus far, Trump supporters are set to convene in protest at the following location: Washington’s National Mall and at the capitals of Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Nevada.

In addition to the above locations, Trump supporters are also set to march around the Supreme Court, U.S. Capitol, and the Justice Department. These marches are designed to send a peaceful, yet direct, message to officials that conservatives view as complicit in ignoring, and therefore allowing, massive and systemic voter fraud.

Various Republican and conservative speakers are also set to share remarks this weekend at places where Trump supporters convene and march.

Support from President Trump

Protests and gatherings in Washington D.C. have already begun as early as this morning. Photos and videos are also making their way onto social media as Americans who are disillusioned with the election speak out.

On Saturday morning, President Trump gave a shout-out to his supporters who are gathering at the nation’s capital. The 45th president stated that while he wasn’t previously aware of his supporters’ plans to gather in D.C., he will be “seeing them” later on in the day.

Over the weekend, Americans can expect to hear more news about the Stop the Steal marches in D.C. and other parts of the nation. There are also concerns about whether or not Antifa or other left-wing militants will attempt to cause trouble and violence at, or after, these events.

Will you be joining a Stop the Steal rally over the weekend? Do you think Antifa will harass and attack Trump supporters as they have done previously? Let us know in the comments section below!