Trump Torches Fauci on Email Leak Scandal

"111811_2011_Caribbean_HIV_Conference_Ope" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by 2011 Caribbean HIV Conference

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s email scandal just continues to get worse. Despite the cockamamie spin that Democrats are trying to place on things, Fauci very clearly lied and concealed information he had about COVID-19.

This was proven in his own words about COVID origins, face masks, and more. The email leak also shows that Fauci was privy to important data regarding potential fixes for COVID and yet he did nothing. 

“Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., NIAID Director” (CC BY 2.0) by NIAID

Earlier this week, Fauci attempted to mitigate the fallout from his leaked emails by doing an interview and alleging that Trump supporters don’t grasp science. This false claim is not going to work; in fact, it only further displays Fauci’s inability to accept responsibility for his own misdeeds. 

Amid all this chaos, former President Trump gave his thoughts about the email leak and the content of Fauci’s messages, as Townhall confirms.

Trump on the Fauci Email Leak

The 45th president said this week that in light of the Fauci emails, America is very fortunate that Fauci didn’t get to dictate Trump’s management of COVID.

In his remarks, Trump also reminded the public that Fauci opposed closing the border to China; Fauci furthermore disagreed with Trump’s Operation Warp Speed program and did not want the then-president to order vaccine doses ahead of time before they were confirmed as good to go.

The 45th president then explained that had he not approached coronavirus vaccines in the manner he did, there wouldn’t be immunizations available until October 2021. 

Trump also didn’t let America forget Fauci’s flip-flop on face coverings. The former president pointed out that Fauci went from opposing masks altogether to becoming a “radical masker.” Finally, Trump noted that Fauci owes the American public quite a bit of answers. 

Facing the Music

Fauci will have to face the music regarding the leak of these emails. The reality here is that none of this is going away. In fact, there are already rumors that even more Fauci emails will be getting leaked sometime soon. 

Americans have questions. For so long, people have been told that they must believe and trust Fauci without question or hesitation. Politicians have made decisions based on the words of Fauci; yet, this so-called expert has been lying, concealing information, and otherwise engaging in duplicitous conduct. 

Several Republicans have called for Fauci’s firing; others maintain that Fauci needs to testify before Congress regarding what he did and did not know on COVID. 

What do you think about former President Trump’s statement regarding Fauci’s emails? Do you believe Fauci needs to publicly answer about what he knew, didn’t know, and chose to hide. Give us your take on all this in the comments section below.