Trump Vows to Return During Last Speech as President

"Troops 4" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Bsivad

Earlier this morning, President Trump left the White House for the last time. The 45th president, rather than attend the inauguration of Joe Biden, instead chose to host a send-off event at Joint Base Andrews.

Trump’s address earlier this morning followed his address from the White House yesterday. On Tuesday afternoon, the 45th president wished the incoming Biden administration well, spoke about his own four years in the White House, and yet again, rebuked the violence that gripped the U.S. Capitol exactly two weeks ago.

“Troops 5” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Bsivad

In a well-received message by the audience, Trump vowed that he and his movement will “be back” in one form or another, confirms Newsmax.

Trump’s Last Public Remarks as President of the United States

At Joint Base Andrews, the departing president offered a message of reassurance to the country. Trump promised that he’ll always be watching, listening, and “fighting for you.” Likewise, Trump, once again, wished well the Biden administration before remarking that America’s future is better than ever.

While members of the departing first family and certain Trump aides attended the send-off ceremony, others declined to go. Some top Republicans and leaders — such as Kevin McCarthy, Mike Pence, John Bolton, Mitch McConnell, and others — refused to see Trump deliver his final remarks as the nation’s president.

What’s Next for President Trump?

With Joe Biden taking the reins as the next president, many Americans are interested to know what comes next for Donald Trump.

In light of conservatives’ surging discontent with the mainstream media and big tech platforms, there have been rumors about Trump starting his own news site or social media site.

Multiple mainstream social media sites banned the 45th president from using their services; however, with Parler making its way back online, there is a possibility of Trump setting up an account on that site.

With Biden set to take office, he is projected to roll back and undo a number of policies implemented during the Trump administration. The incoming president will moreover have a tough road ahead, project many political specialists and analysts.

Washington D.C. remains heavily guarded and on high alert today, in the interests of preventing possible displays of violence.

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