Trump’s Wall Defies Pandemic

Trump's Wall Defies Pandemic

( – COVID-19 is infecting Americans at lightning speed. In order to stop the spread of the virus, businesses are closing, people are working from home, and construction projects are slowing. However, there’s one project the virus hasn’t slowed down: President Trump’s border wall.

The New York Times is reporting the president decided to speed up construction on the wall to slow the spread of the virus. According to the report, some residents are worried that construction crews working on the wall may spread the coronavirus. However, US Army Corps of Engineers Spokeswoman Raini Brunson said workers are following the CDC guidelines.

President Trump showed a photo of the wall’s progress in January, and it’s looking pretty good!

As expected, Liberals are angry that the commander-in-chief is trying to protect the American people.

The president is right in his decision. Any steps that the US can take to stop more infected people from entering the country is good for everyone. Sure, it isn’t going to mitigate the spread in the country right now, but it could prevent a future outbreak. Don’t we want to do that?

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