Tucker Carlson Drops a Bombshell on Joe Biden

Life has gotten harder and harder for Americans with Joe Biden calling the shot in the White House. He’s consistently embraced policies that give our enemies an advantage while leaving America vulnerable.

The polls continue to show more Americans are not happy with the direction Biden is taking the United States. Yet, both the president and his administration remain oblivious.

They seem to think if they keep saying everything is great (despite all evidence to the contrary), Americans will eventually believe it. This is not working out so well for the Biden administration, however.

In fact, a brighter spotlight than ever is being shone on the mismanagement of America on Biden’s watch. One of the latest people to hold the president’s feet to the fire is Fox News host Tucker Carlson, as Breitbart News reports.

Tucker Carlson on Life in Biden’s America

On his Fox News show, Carlson didn’t hold anything back. The news anchor explained Biden is so deeply unpopular as president because he is making life more challenging for millions of Americans across the country.

Carlson pointed out issues like Afghanistan, the economy, and even lower living conditions that many Americans are suffering all trace back to Joe Biden. Likewise, Carlson explained that the president is refusing to take any measures to fix problems in America.

The Fox News anchor additionally had some words for the Biden administration at large. Carlson said the folks running the White House right now are dishonest, irresponsible, and completely out of their minds.

After noting the declines of trucker drivers, airline workers, and healthcare workers, Carlson explained Americans of all different political stripes are sick of the mayhem.

Finally, the Fox News host said this all boils down to people wanting to live in a nation that is actually functional.

Is Change Coming to America?

Many Americans are eager to see some real changes happening in this country. However, the true tests will come in 2022 during not only the midterm elections, but also several different governor’s races that are set to happen across the United States.

If Republicans are able to win these races, this will indicate the tide is turning. With Republicans back in control of Congress, Biden will also be significantly limited in the damage he can do.

Thus far, congressional Democrats have been helping Biden out and passing his spending bills without a care in the world. This will change when Democrats no longer have majority control in the Senate or the House.

What do you think about Tucker Carlson’s statements on life in Joe Biden’s America? Do you believe 2022 will bring some much-needed changes in the right direction? Let us know your predictions below in the area for comments.