Tulsi Gabbard Slams Biden’s Economic Agenda

The agenda of President Biden is a dangerous one. In a nutshell, the 46th president is seeking to expand the power of the federal government; at the same time, Biden also aims to weaken the power of the individual to run their own life.

Like other socialists and communists, Biden thinks the government knows better than individuals. This is why the president is pushing to have the IRS get a firsthand look at the bank accounts of the American people.

Biden has no intention of stopping the course he’s on, regardless of how much further down the toilet it drags the United States. The nation is sick of it, though, and more people are calling this out for what it is.

Former congresswoman and current veteran Tulsi Gabbard is one of the latest individuals to publicly speak out about the dangerous agenda known as Build Back Better, according to Breitbart News.

Tulsi Gabbard on the Threat Biden’s Agenda Poses to America

Yesterday, Gabbard sat down with Fox News to discuss the reality of what Biden’s agenda means for the nation. The Hawaii Democrat stated the 46th president’s Build Back Better plan is only going to inflame current problems the country faces.

Likewise, Gabbard also made a point of noting the government has become too robust. The former congresswoman stated if Biden’s agenda passes the way he wants it to, small businesses are going to have a tough time; the national debt will also surge, along with government dependency.

Finally, Gabbard stated tossing more money at issues in the nation will not solve them. The veteran also made sure to note that at this time, the government has already become too high-handed in the lives of the American public.

This is a sentiment that many Americans can relate to. This is especially the case as nationwide uprisings occur over Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate, with lawsuits over the mandate working their way through the courts.

Additional Statements from Gabbard

The former congresswoman’s remarks on Wednesday are not the first time she’s spoken out about what’s happening in America on Biden’s watch.

Gabbard, in a recent interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, recently expressed the need for the United States to have leaders who prioritize the nation’s interest over their own personal interests.

She also made a point of stressing how important this is, regardless of whether or not the said leaders are Republicans or Democrats. At this time, however, the current leadership in the federal government is not prioritizing America’s best interests in any regard whatsoever.

Do you agree with Tulsi Gabbard’s take on how Biden’s agenda would hurt the United States across the board? We’d like to know in the comments section.