Twitter at it Again

Twitter at it Again

( – On June 18, President Donald Trump shared a funny tweet. However, because we live in a world where humor is not allowed anymore, the commander-in-chief is getting a lot of heat for it. In response to his humor, Twitter is once again up to its ridiculous tricks.

The tweet from the president was a video of a black child and a white child who are friends doing silly things. But the video was treated as a breaking news story from CNN and had a crawler at the bottom that made fun of the news organzation’s anti-Trump rhetoric.

Twitter then labeled the tweet with a warning about the video being digitally altered. Then, on June 19, it took the video down for “copyright infringement.” Media outlets soon started reporting on it and, before you knew it, the funny video turned into a serious story. This is the world we live in now; this is what Trump Derangement Syndrome has created.

Apparently, the president is no longer allowed to make jokes.

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