Twitter’s Head of Censorship is a Close Harris Associate


Trump must be having the desired impact with his constant tweeting, or his enemies wouldn’t be trying so hard to censor him.

One of these enemies is Biden’s newly-selected running mate, Kamala Harris. Late last year, Harris wrote to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to complain that Trump violated Twitter’s user agreement in tweets Trump made on Ukraine and Adam Schiff, the House Intel Committee Chair. According to Harris, Trump violated Twitter’s rule that users “may not threaten violence against an individual or a group of people.” No real facts to back up the allegation have been made. Nevertheless, Harris has repeatedly called for Trump to be banned from Twitter.

Twitter censorship Czar was Harris’s press secretary

Harris’s appeals appear to largely have fallen on deaf ears at Twitter at the time, but the platform has selectively censored Trump on a few occasions since then. This is little surprise, as Nick Pacilio, the person in charge of censorship at Twitter, is Harris’s former press secretary.
The National Review has noted that:

Kamala Harris’s former press secretary is now in charge of announcing what the president of the United States can and can’t say on Twitter to his 85 million followers. Twitter has already removed debatable contentions by the president — or, contentions no more misleading than any number of Joe Biden allegations. The point of removing tweets, I assume, has more to do with being able to call Trump a liar than worrying about his spreading misleading information.

But the optics are remarkably terrible for Twitter. It’s almost certainly true that whoever holds the job of senior communication manager at the social-media giant will be ideologically progressive like the company’s CEO. But could you imagine what the nightly reaction on CNN and MSNBC would be if Mike Pence’s former spokesperson was seen censoring Joe Biden’s tweets during a presidential election? I have no doubt Democrats would be calling for congressional hearings.

Twitter claims that Pacilio isn’t involved in removal decisions. However, a recent hack revealed the control panel that high-level Twitter employees can use to ban, shadowban, or censor a user’s account.

Twitter’s oversight board is owned by George Soros

Meanwhile, George Soros, the leathery public face of globalism, has ties to 18 out of 20 of the members on Twitter’s oversight board. This board has the ultimate authority on bans and censorship. Most of the board members in question have received funding from Soros’s Open Society Foundation at one time or another.