U.S. Southern Border in Crisis Warns Former Acting DHS Secretary

"President Trump Travels to Texas" (Public Domain) by The Trump White House Archived

The situation at the U.S. Southern border continues to raise questions about the Biden administration. Already, the White House took heat for keeping countless migrant children in facilities at the border upon their arrival. It didn’t take long for the “kids in cages” criticism to mount.

The White House is working hard to do damage control. Days ago, President Biden spoke to reporters and claimed that there’s no existing crisis at the Southern border; however, this assertion is already being disputed.

“President Trump Travels to Arizona” (Public Domain) by The Trump White House Archived

Chad Wolf served as the acting secretary for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under the Trump administration. Now, Wolf is warning Americans that Biden isn’t being honest about what’s really happening at the border, Newsmax confirms.

A U.S. Southern Border in Crisis

On Monday, Wolf sat down with NewsmaxTV to discuss what’s currently going on at the Southern border. The former acting DHS secretary declared that Americans are owed honesty from the Biden administration before warning that the border is indeed in crisis.

Wolf then explained that due to Biden’s immigration policies, between 3,500 to 4,000 migrants per day are arriving at the Southern border. The former secretary’s remarks on Monday are in keeping with warnings that he delivered last month regarding the Biden administration’s handling of immigration.

According to Wolf, Biden greatly opened the nation up to problems when he rolled back several Trump-era immigration reforms. The former acting DHS secretary, at the time, additionally warned that Biden is incentivizing illegal immigration and thus leading to more of it.

Because of the policies from the current White House, the Southern border continues to remain in crisis.

Republicans on Biden-era Immigration Policies

The current crisis at the Southern border comes after less than 100 days of the Biden administration. This is alarming to many Republicans who believe that matters will only get worse if the White House continues on its current course.

Because of the situation at the border already getting out of hand, conservatives are calling for Biden to re-implement certain immigration policies that existed during the Trump presidency. Others, like Wolf, warn that Biden is creating the issues that are currently happening regarding immigration.

Therefore, it stands to reason that until a change is made at the border, what’s happening now will only keep getting more serious.

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