Uber Driver Turns in Passenger Who Bragged About Rioting on January 6

Most Americans remember the events of January 6, 2021. During this time, a group of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol, amid concerns about election fraud influencing Biden’s win.

This incident did not stop the certification of the 2020 presidential election; however, it did create a world of problems for people who engaged in this riot.

To this day, many of the January 6 rioters are either serving out jail time or waiting behind bars to be sentenced.

Law enforcement authorities continue to pour resources into finding the individuals responsible for what happened 15 months ago.

Although, according to Uproxx, one of the rioters from that day actually outed himself to his Uber driver.

Talking Himself Into Legal Troubles

On the evening of January 6, Jerry Daniel Braun wound up getting an Uber ride across town in Washington DC. During this time, Braun boasted to his driver about ripping down physical barricades surrounding the Capitol.

When the driver asked Braun about why he did this, the latter admitted it was so he and others could enter the United States Capitol.

Later, the Uber driver asked Braun whether or not his actions on January 6 worked out well for him. To this end, the latter conceded that Biden would end up being the next president.

What Braun didn’t realize, however, was that he was being recorded by his Uber driver. Later, the Uber driver shared the footage with federal authorities.

Just last month, this led to Braun being arrested and charged for his crimes.

More on Braun’s Legal Problems

Since being taken into custody, Braun has been charged by the FBI with disruptive and disorderly conduct, along with illegal entry.

Once the Uber driver handed over the footage of Braun’s confession to the authorities, they were able to use phone records to track him down.

Then, in November 2021, a search warrant was granted for law enforcement to inspect Braun’s home.

According to the FBI, this is a person who was not only caught on video confessing his crimes to his Uber driver, but there was also footage of him engaging in the acts he admitted to.

Apparently, when Braun initially went to Capitol Hill on January 6, it was to hear a speech live from then-President Trump. Eventually, Braun wound up walking to the Capitol and then partaking in the subsequent violence that ensued.

Braun is not the first person to participate in the January 6 riot and then brag about it. Law enforcement has used social media posts, text messages, and other similar content to track down responsible parties.

What do you think about one of the January 6 rioters being arrested after bragging about his crimes to his Uber driver? You’re welcome to share your thoughts about this in the comments area.