United Airlines’ COVID Vaccine Mandates Faces Temporary Restraining Order

Airlines are running into some serious difficulties when it comes to all of these COVID vaccine mandates. These mandates are not at all popular, despite the flagrant mistruths coming from the Biden administration and other pro-mandate leftists.

Airline pilots and other staffers have been walking off the job at Southwest Airlines. This is why they’ve had to cancel 2,000 flights and counting. It’s also why the FAA isn’t supporting Southwest’s claims that these cancellations are due to air control and climate issues that apparently aren’t impacting any other airlines.

Americans are beginning to tire of tyranny and take a stand accordingly. Now, Breitbart News is confirming a COVID vaccine mandate from United Airlines is now under a temporary restraining order.

A Closer Look at United Airlines’ COVID Vaccine Mandate

A Texas federal judge barred United Airlines from hitting unvaccinated workers who have medical/religious exemptions with unpaid leave. This temporary restraining order will furthermore remain in place until litigation over this COVID vaccine mandate concludes.

The judge’s decision likewise comes after United Airlines filed a motion to have this current lawsuit over their mandate tossed out. Previously, before this temporary restraining order, United Airlines threatened to put unvaccinated workers on unpaid leave without benefits, even if they obtained one of the aforementioned exemptions.

It’s very critical to note that this temporary restraining order does not serve as a final verdict on United Airlines’ vaccine mandate itself. The legality of this mandate and how the mandates treats workers with medical/religious exemptions is still working its way through the legal system.

Increasing Dissent Against COVID Vaccine Mandates

Dissent against COVID vaccine mandates continues to persist and increase. This vaccine remains in an experimental phase and the possible long term side effects are still a mystery.

However, none of this is stopping the pro-mandate people from screaming that anyone who objects to this vaccine should lose their job. Ultimately, time will be the real factor in determining what becomes of the United Airlines’ vaccine mandate.

There is a very real possibility that the airline could have to honor religious and medical exemptions from workers, rather than taking their benefits away and putting them on unpaid leave.

COVID vaccine mandates are arguably one of the most divisive issues of our time. One side wants to make their own choices and the other side wants every last person forced into submission or isolated from society. Both cannot simultaneously get what they want.

What do you think about the temporary restraining order slapped on United Airlines’ COVID vaccine mandate? What do you hope to be the outcome of the final verdict? Let us get your thoughts and insight about this latest development in the comments area down below.