US Federal Court Convicts Former Official Overseeing Mexico’s Police Force

The existence of organized crime has long-lasting impacts on American society, none of which are good. Many cases of organized crime involve various officials working with criminals or, at the very least, looking the other way when the latter breaks the law.

Because of the serious and adverse consequences of organized crime, many countries have put together task forces and other divisions that are specifically geared toward cracking down on these types of syndicates.

Here in the United States, one former official who oversaw Mexico’s police force learned firsthand about the fate awaiting many participants of organized crime.

According to the Daily Wire, one of the latest individuals facing consequences for engaging in organized crime is Genaro Garcia Luna.

Found Guilty in a Court of Law

Garcia Luna previously worked as a public security secretary. In this role, he was given direct access to the federal police force of Mexico.

Though during his work in this position, it turns out that Garcia Luna collaborated with the very same drug cartels he was supposed to be cracking down against.

The charges that Garcia Luna was found guilty of include multiple conspiracies of international cocaine distribution, cocaine importations, providing false statements, and additional offenses tied to drug crimes.

The Sinaloa cartel is the one that gained the most from Garcia Luna working with them, rather than holding them accountable under the law.

Prosecutors confirmed that thanks to the former public security secretary, the Sinaloa cartel received vital information about rival gangs, law enforcement operations, and how to smuggle drugs from Mexico into the United States.

Since being found guilty in court, Garcia Luna is looking at spending two decades to life behind bars.

A Slap in the Face of Mexico

In the wake of Garcia Luna being determined guilty of aiding the cartels, many social media users are publicly explaining just how much his crimes hurt the people of Mexico.

For instance, through the former public security secretary’s crimes, he told over $740 million from the people of Mexico. He also helped advance lawlessness in a nation that’s been struggling with crime for quite some time.

Despite him now being in custody, the cartels still benefited enormously from Garcia Luna working with them amid his power and the role he held in government.

Speculations about what truly motivated Garcia Luna to betray his country in the manner that he did also continue to spread across various social media platforms.

What are your thoughts about the crimes Genaro Garcia Luna was found guilty of in US federal court? Are you concerned about the apparent rise of organized crime across different countries? You are welcome to let us know more in the comments section below.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.