US Government Downs Unknown Device Seen Over Alaska

The national security of the United States has come under significant scrutiny this year. Many Americans are worried about the Chinese spy balloon that flew over our country’s airfield for days before eventually being blasted away.

China has openly slammed the United States for daring to get rid of this balloon. Meanwhile, NATO’s top chief recently alerted that China is employing various devices to collect critical intel and military information about many nations, across different continents.

After the United States removed China’s spy balloon, the communist regime lashed out, also informing that it would have to figure out what to do moving ahead. Within days of this, American officials have had to get rid of yet another object flying over our nation, according to NPR.

A New Set of Questions

The device removed by the US government this week was about 40,000 feet over the state of Alaska. Interestingly enough, this is the same space in which the now-infamous Chinese spy balloon started before making its own rounds.

However, it remains uncertain if this latest device downed by our nation’s government came from China. It’s certainly a possibility; nevertheless, the White House National Security Council says it can only confirm what it witnessed was an “object” of “high altitude.”

Our nation’s federal officials also haven’t determined whether the device was owned by an individual, a state, or a federal government. Yet, it has been confirmed that the device was smaller than the Chinese spy balloon removed earlier this month.

Naturally, this incident is going viral on social media with concerned American citizens weighing in and wondering what comes next.

More to Come?

The news of yet another device hovering over the United States is not going to go away anytime soon. More people will understandably want greater, in-depth information.

Already, some folks are speculating that China is ultimately behind this and seeking revenge against the United States. Other people believe it is just too much of a coincidence for a new device of “high altitude” to be going over America’s airfield days after a similar device was removed.

At the rate things are going, the Biden administration is going to really have its hands full trying to protect the national security of the United States. Though, all things considered, there are doubts by some Americans as to whether or not the president is truly up to this task.

Do you believe the latest device removed from the US airfield is an attempt to gather more information about what’s happening in our country? Who do you believe is behind all of this?

Please feel more than welcome to leave your feedback, thoughts, and predictions about what comes next in the comments area below.