US Government Reveals Disturbing Updates on Chinese Spy Balloon

This month has led to breaking news about a Chinese spy balloon that spent a good several days hovering over our country’s airfield and collecting intel.

The balloon has since been shot out of the sky (much to China’s chagrin). However, there are still concerns about the balloon being present in the first place, along with what it may have collected before the US government sent it falling into the Atlantic Ocean.

However, as Americans speculate about potential moves to come next from China, the US government has once again revealed more disturbing information about this matter, according to The Washington Post.

More Than What Meets the Eye

According to our country’s intelligence officials, China has been using spy balloons for years as tactical ways of collecting details about different military affairs in other nations.

Moreover, balloons like the one downed by the US military have also been seen on five separate continents thus far. Right now, there’s no telling if additional balloons have managed to get by without being detected.

Nevertheless, US officials warn that China is overtly blending old technology with new updates in order to keep tabs on nations it deems to be worthy of interest. Meanwhile, this information aligns with reports that China’s spy balloon hovering over our country was near areas where US military operations are conducted.

So far, it remains to be seen if China ascertained any valuable information about our country’s military. It’s also worth asking what the current government has planned to stop China from attempting to further surveil sensitive US affairs.

Growing Friction With China

China’s spy balloon has landed Biden in the hot seat with Americans who believe he let too much time pass before getting rid of the device.

There are now questions about what information was discovered and whether or not the president allowed China to get what it was looking for, due to the delayed nature of his actions.

Meanwhile, China accused the United States of “overreacting” by shooting the spy balloon out of the sky. This friction with the communist regime arrives as American officials warn that we could well find ourselves in a war with China around 2025.

Officials with this view warn that the 2024 presidential election could potentially distract the United States from certain critical matters, giving China an open opportunity to strike.

One thing’s for certain though; it has never been more imperative to ensure that the national security of the United States is up to par.

What do you think about these latest developments pertaining to the Chinese spy balloon? Are you concerned about what China may be potentially planning to do next? Please feel free to use the comments area below as your sounding board.