US Labor Market Still Forced to Contend with Shortages

Over the past two years, the country’s economy has taken a very serious beating.

Many jobs and businesses have been permanently destroyed as a result of shutdowns forced by the government. It has since come out that these shutdowns were not effective in saving the lives of individuals.

In fact, Johns Hopkins University maintains that shutdowns should be altogether rejected as a COVID mitigation strategy. However, the impacts of harm done to the economy continue to linger today.

Many Americans are struggling with financially supporting themselves. These struggles have been inflamed by the presence of inflation and the fact that wages aren’t even coming close to competing with higher prices across the board.

According to Fox Business, the labor workforce is now facing some very real shortages.

What to Know About the American Labor Workforce in 2022

At this time, US workers with the proper skills have more than enough jobs available and at their disposal. However, employers are finding that hiring the right people is harder than it’s been before.

For what it’s worth, skilled laborers who don’t have the option of working remotely are finding themselves being able to quickly find jobs once they’re finished with college.

However, across the board, employers are dealing with more and more vacancies. In 2021, many workers quit their jobs altogether, seeking better pay, better opportunities, or both.

One sector that’s been especially hurt by resignations is tradesmen. The industry also warns that if some of their labor vacancies aren’t filled pretty soon, consumers can expect to pay higher fees for food and gas.

It’s worth noting that gas costs are already much higher than they were before Biden got into the White House.

Compensating for Labor Vacancies

As issues with finding human workers become more common, many companies and businesses are turning to artificial intelligence.

Having robots on the job ensures that establishments aren’t forced to go under as a result of absent labor. It also provides the opportunity for some jobs to get finished in a faster and more efficient manner.

However, artificial intelligence is still somewhat controversial. People in favor of it claim that it’s the next step. However, critics of artificial intelligence worry the robots will end up taking jobs, rather than making jobs easier for humans.

Some experts say people should acclimate themselves to the notion of working with robots as the workforce continues to develop and evolve.

Are you concerned about the hits the US economy has taken over the past two years? Do you believe companies choosing to embrace artificial intelligence to fill certain workplace vacancies is a positive or negative development? In the feed for comments down below, please be sure to share your views with us.