US Military Facing Increased Reports of Sexual Assault

The United States military has been facing a lot of issues lately.

For one thing, many servicemembers are being cut loose by the higher-ups for refusing to take COVID vaccines.

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These dismissals come notwithstanding the reality that COVID vaccines don’t prevent anyone who takes them from getting sick or passing the virus onto others.

On top of this, recruitment levels for the military are lower than they’ve been in decades. Many people aren’t even physically fit enough to serve in the Armed Forces. Meanwhile, there are many others who just don’t see military service as worth their while.

Now, it turns out yet another serious problem is facing the military. According to The Hill, this deals with an uptick in sexual assault reports.

A Closer Look at Sexual Assault Reports in the Military

New information released by the Department of Defense (DOD) reveals a 13% uptick in sexual assault reports in the military during 2021.

Last year, 8.4% of women serving in the military, along with 1.5% of men, documented undesired sexual contact from others in the military.

Unfortunately, confidence in the military’s ability to stop these crimes isn’t the greatest either. Additional information shows only 39% of women in the military believe the chain of command is going to treat them with respect and dignity.

Amid these findings, various lawmakers have claimed a closer eye needs to be kept on military leadership. Congressional members likewise expressed that if serious changes aren’t made, military recruitment rates will only continue to suffer.

Current Military Leadership

On social media, Americans have weighed in with horror amid news of rising sexual assaults in the military and lower confidence in how female servicemembers will be treated.

Many people warn that whatever current military leadership is doing isn’t working and must change. Others have suggested if servicemembers aren’t safe from sexual assault, then the military as a whole isn’t in a position to defend America’s interests.

At the end of the day, time will tell what measures military leadership takes in order to lower the rates of sexual assault and hold perpetrators accountable.

Within the months to come, Americans can also expect to learn what the 2022 rates of sexual assault are in the military.

Between servicemembers losing their jobs for not taking COVID vaccines, along with the upticks in sexual assault, it’s not hard to imagine why fewer Americans are eager to sign up for service.

How the military goes about handling this will have very serious impacts on the United States’ national security, both in the present and the future.

What do you think about the heightened reports of sexual assault in the military? Let us know in the comments area what you believe needs to happen in order to solve this problem.

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