USA Looks To Bring Supply Manufacturing In-House

USA Looks To Bring Supply Manufacturing In-house

( – The US’ reliance on China for medical supplies is something President Donald Trump is taking very seriously. Although the government was looking into remedying the situation prior to COVID-19, the virus kicked those efforts into high gear. On April 26, Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, and senior White House adviser, discussed the issue with Fox News’ “The Next Revolution.”

Kushner repeated what Donald Trump Jr. recently said about President Trump’s 2016 platform proving to be correct. During his presidential campaign, then-candidate Trump said we have to start manufacturing in America and secure the borders. The president’s son-in-law said the recent outbreak has “vindicated positions” from the last presidential race.

Kushner went on to say the president’s team is looking into shoring up the supply chain.

Kushner’s team, Vice President Mike Pence, and health officials are figuring out how to “stimulate” testing supply production as well.

It sounds like the administration is doing exactly what the president said they’d do all along: Make America Great Again.

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