Vice President Admits Democrats Could Lose the Midterms

Democrats have truly dug themselves into a hole since President Biden got into office. Instead of governing effectively, Democrats let power get to their heads and went all in with leftist mania. 

Since Biden got into the White House, Democrats have pushed for expanding the Supreme Court, making Washington D.C. the 51st state, passing elections takeover legislation that would pad Democrats’ campaigns with taxpayer dollars, and more.

It’s very clear that Democrats are looking to do as much as they can with House and Senate majorities before they lose them. Now, as America deals with the fallout of leftist leadership within the federal government, it’s beginning to dawn on Democrats that they could lose the 2022 midterms. 

On Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris admitted as much, as Washington Examiner confirms. 

Harris on Democrats and the 2022 Midterms

During a virtual fundraising conference for Democrats, the vice president talked about next year’s upcoming midterm races. Harris explained that because Democrats have “incredibly” slim majorities in both congressional chambers, they need to get as much voter turnout as possible. 

The vice president also spoke about what she thinks Democrats need to do between now and November 2022. Harris explained that resisting supposed “anti-voter” practices coming from the GOP is necessary; this marked a clear reference towards election security bills that are being passed in red states. 

Democrats have continued to run with the untrue narrative that Republicans are out to stop minorities from voting. In no way is this narrative supported by facts or the proposals within GOP legislation; however, the reality of GOP bills isn’t something that Democrats care about. 

The left’s only interests lie in expanding and growing their political power, no matter the cost. Harris and other Democrats, at this time, are horrified of the notion that they may lose power after November 2022 and no longer dominate Congress. 

A Test for Democrats in Power

Next year’s midterm elections will ultimately serve as a test on Democrats in power. Since Democrats won the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives, they’ve been running the nation. Yet, in spite of this, no one is better off for Democrat leadership at the helm of power in America. 

As things currently stand, Republicans have a very strong chance of winning the midterm elections. Already, the House of Representatives is set to be won back by the GOP; meanwhile, the Senate could easily tip back into a Republican majority with just one seat going to the right.

Here’s the bottom line: between horrible policies and desperate attempts to obtain even more power, Democrats are in big-time trouble. Democrats know it, Republicans know it, and so does the rest of America. 

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