Vice President Dismisses Biden Endorsement of Regime Change in Russia

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has now surpassed the one-month milestone, with no clear timeframe for when it will all be over. Right now, Ukraine is fighting back against Russian invaders, along with getting weapons from various western allies.

Meanwhile, Russia is being hit very hard with sanctions from not just America, but also additional western nations. These sanctions continue to play a hand in the downfall of the Russian economy and Russian currency.

Last month, Biden caused a stir when he was speaking in Poland and called for a change of the regime in Russia. This statement was immediately pulled back by Biden’s own White House.

On Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris became the latest member of the Biden administration to openly walk back Biden’s endorsement of regime change, according to Newsmax.

The White House’s Stance on Regime Change in Russia

While speaking with MSNBC last week, the vice president asserted that Russia will have to keep facing consequences for the atrocities the regime is committing in Ukraine.

Harris was also sure to mention that sanctions against Russia are having very real impacts on the country’s economy.

When directly asked whether she shared Biden’s self-admitted view that Russia’s president can’t stay in power, Harris declared that regime change in Russia is not what the White House is about.

She later mentioned regime change isn’t the policy of the White House and that the administration will continue focusing on holding Russia accountable with various penalities.

At this point, it still remains unclear whether or not Biden knows the policy of his White House is not regime change in Russia. When the president was questioned about this by Fox News journalist Peter Doocey, Biden denied calling for the Russian president’s ouster.

Constant Disarray in the White House

The Biden administration’s contradictory remarks on regime change are far from an outlier.

On sanctions against Russia, Biden’s also countered remarks from his vice president, national security adviser, and others within his administration.

Biden’s been on record multiple times declaring that sanctions were never designed to prevent Ukraine from being attacked by Russia.

Meanwhile, Vice President Harris and the US national security adviser declared the exact opposite. They both claimed that sanctions were also employed as a strategy to deter Russia from enacting warfare against Ukraine.

With all that’s happening in the world, it’s truly not a good look for the White House to be this dysfunctional and disconnected when it comes to foreign policy issues. Americans deserve so much better.

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