Vice President Harris Takes Heat From Her Own Side

Since getting into office, Vice President Kamala Harris has come under considerable fire. During the first half of the Biden presidency, Harris was designated as the point person to address the many problems on the southern border.

To say the vice president has not addressed any of these issues would be a significant understatement.

Federal data shows an uptick in unlawful border crossings since the Biden White House took over. Just earlier this month, migrants from Mexico attempted to literally storm their way into the United States via the El Paso border checkpoint.

With no strides made on the southern border, questions have come up about what exactly the vice president is doing while in office. This led to somewhat of an awkward exchange during Harris’ recent sitdown with night show talk host Stephen Colbert, according to Fox News.

A Complete Cringefest

During a sitdown with the Late Show, the vice president was asked about the accuracy of “Veep,” a show that focuses on the day-to-day duties of a fictional vice president. Upon being questioned about the accuracy of this show, Harris said “bits of it” are true to real life.

However, Colbert pushed further, asking the vice president about her “actual role” as the second in command of the White House. To this end, Harris simply noted what a “great privilege” it is to be able to work with Joe Biden.

When Colbert ironically asked if Biden knows what it’s like to be vice president, Harris said Biden is well aware of this. Though the conversation took an awkward turn when the talk show host reminded the vice president that he’d specifically asked her about her own job duties.

Harris’ only response to this was referencing a meeting that she attended with the Munich Security Conference in February.

Bad For the Country

Biden and Harris have each come under fire for seemingly not knowing what they’re doing and not being up to the job. This is very concerning, given the multitude of crises our country is facing at this time.

Illegal immigration is very much an issue, as is inflation, threats from our adversaries abroad, and the rise of division here at home. At best, the Biden administration has been charged with not doing anything to solve these problems. At worst, it’s been accused of intentionally making this issues worse.

The statements made by the vice president did nothing to reassure Americans that the current administration knows what it’s doing or is working on behalf of bettering the nation.