Virginia Could be the Start of a 2022 Red Wave

This past weekend marked the inauguration of GOP Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin. As the commonwealth’s 74th governor, Youngkin is the first Republican in over a decade to hold the governor’s mansion.

Youngkin’s win in the commonwealth of Virginia occurred during the state’s hard-fought gubernatorial election back in November 2021. Youngkin did well by communicating with voters and speaking to the heart of what mattered to the people.

In fact, the current Virginia governor ran such a great campaign last year that many Virginia residents who voted for Biden in 2020 also voted for Youngkin.

With voters of the commonwealth explaining their support for Youngkin, many Republicans believe this could be the start of a 2022 red wave, according to Breitbart News.

Youngkin’s Victory Explained

Virginians have cited a multitude of reasons for why they elected Youngkin over his left-wing opponent, Terry McAuliffe. According to residents of the commonwealth, their support for Youngkin ultimately boiled down to some of the following matters:

  • Upholding traditional civics
  • Restoration of conservative values
  • Prioritization of parents’ role in their children’s education
  • Democrats’ failed leadership in the commonwealth after more than a decade of being in power
  • Bringing back pro-business policies

At the end of the day, Virginia residents did not want the left-wing status quo to keep dragging down the commonwealth. McAuliffe, who previously served as Virginia governor, represented more of the same.

Meanwhile, Youngkin represented much-needed change and healing in Virginia. Since getting into office, Youngkin’s implemented a series of executive orders designed to better the commonwealth.

Some of these executive orders entail allowing parents to opt their kids out of mask mandates, banning critical race theory for schools, ending the statewide COVID vaccine mandate, etc.

More Republican Victories on the Horizon

Amongst conservative circles, it’s been said that Republicans with upcoming elections should model their campaign styles to match Governor Youngkin’s. In a nutshell, this means speaking to the heart of issues that matter to voters.

Across the country, there are gubernatorial and midterm elections coming up. These races will have monumental impacts on both state levels and federal levels. Furthermore, they’ll play a very huge role in the direction our nation is heading.

Right now, Democrats are in a state of desperation, eager to grasp more power as they sense a series of political losses heading their way. Republicans are in a great position now to reach voters in a grassroots fashion by focusing on policies and matters of importance.

If Youngkin’s victory is any indication, then 2022 is going to be a very good year for the conservative movement in the United States.

Do you think Governor Glenn Youngkin’s win is the start of a 2022 red wave? In the comments area below, share your thoughts.