Virginia Teacher Exposes Evil University Lesson Plan

Americans have been consistently sounding the alarm against critical race theory and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) that continues making its way through our nation’s education system.

Proponents of critical race theory and DEI say they’re about nothing more than creating a fairer, better world. However, a deeper dive into these curricula and their impacts on society tells a very different story.

Once again, the country is now being presented with yet another disturbing element of these sorts of lessons, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Human Sacrifice?

Grimke Seminary professor Doug Ponder specializes in biblical studies and just blew the lid on a lesson plan that is anything but biblical. According to Ponder, a friend of his who works at one of Virginia’s public universities was given a DEI assignment, but with a dark twist.

The assignment in question posed a hypothetical scenario of which demographics ought to be left behind amid a world doomed for destruction. In this scenario, a spaceship exists to take people to safety, but only eight persons out of 12 are eligible to go.

In this assignment, Ponder’s friend was given a sheet to select which eight people he’d save and which four he’d leave to perish on earth. The options listed on the sheet are all based on features such as one being male, female, black, white, gay, straight, etc.

There You Have It

This sort of lesson plan is a prime example of why so many Americans are railing against woke curricula, DEI, and critical race theory. These types of assignments do nothing more than divide folks and pit people against each other, based on which boxes they check off.

It’s also worth noting that none of this is conducive to higher education or preparing anyone with the tools they need to thrive. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like these lesson plans are going away without a fight.