Voters Growing More Disillusioned with Biden

It’s getting harder and harder for the Democrat Party to justify the nonsense coming from the Biden administration these days. For all Democrats’ talk about Trump, COVID, etc., it doesn’t erase the reality of Biden’s failures as president. 

A growing number of professed Biden voters online have been talking about their regrets of voting for this president. Even the leftists are now admitting that Biden’s presidency has led to rent, gas, food, and other necessities becoming more expensive. This is the inflation that conservatives warned about, hence the GOP’s opposition against big spending. 

As Biden continues bringing the nation to the ground, more voters are growing disillusioned with this president. According to Townhall, a brand new poll from Gallup shows that Biden’s approval rating is getting lower and lower, as time passes. 

Voters’ Growing Annoyance with President Biden 

No matter how much certain Americans hate Trump, it’s very clear that no one is pleased about inflation. Recent surveys have revealed that close to 90% of the country is seriously concerned about the ongoing rise in living costs. 

Democrats are not immune to surging costs; however, they apparently still haven’t made the connection between fiscal irresponsibility and the current rise in prices. The two go hand in hand. 

A new Gallup poll conducted this month shows that Biden’s approval rating has dropped by 6% since June. While 56% of voters previously approved of the president, only 50% currently approve. 

When questioned about inflation, the White House has redirected and attempted to pass blame elsewhere. Yet, the reality is that inflation began with Biden’s presidency; it’s now expected to last for several years, thanks to this administration’s screw-ups. 

SOS Cuba and Biden’s Response

The situation happening in Cuba is also playing a role in mounting discontent with President Biden. As the Cuban people rally for freedom from communism, Biden has it within his power to act and show real support for these protesters. 

Several GOP leaders have called on Biden to restore internet access to the Cuban people; however, Biden is dragging his feet. Meanwhile, Americans nationwide are expressing support for the Cuban people as they rally for freedom. 

Many U.S. voters have criticized the way President Biden responded to the situation in Cuba. This, too, led to certain folks taking to social media and admitting their regrets when it comes to voting for the current president. 

Biden, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to have a clue. The White House also remains as oblivious as ever. 

What do you think about the continued fall of President Biden’s approval rating with the American people? Do you think mounting frustration with Biden will pave the way to 2022 and 2024 victories for Republicans? Let us know your views below in the comments section.