VP Harris Finally Agrees to Visit Southern Border

It has been almost three months since Vice President Kamala Harris was tapped to restore structure to the Southern border. The border is a crisis of President Biden’s own making, seeing as he struck down immigration reforms that former President Trump used to keep the border managed. 

In the months since Harris’ appointment to handle the border, she’s avoided even going down to the area. The White House alleges that the vice president is concentrated on supposed “root causes”; although, up until now, she hasn’t put herself in the position to get a firsthand look or actually converse with officials who work on the Southern border. 

In a surprising turn of events, it looks like the constant pushes for Harris to go to the border have paid off. According to Washington Examiner, the vice president will be going down to visit the Southern border tomorrow. 

What to Expect from Harris’ Border Visit

On Friday, Alejandro Mayorkas (the secretary for the Department of Homeland Security) will accompany Vice President Harris in her tour of the border. Harris’ visit to the border will come exactly five days before former President Trump takes his own trip down to the area. 

Trump’s forthcoming visit to the Southern border comes after a direct invitation from Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The Lone Star State has been hit hardest by illegal immigration, new influxes of drugs, and the works; the situation has also gotten to be so precarious that Governor Abbott is committed to building his own physical barrier at the Southern border. 

On Wednesday afternoon, news broke about the vice president’s visit to the border tomorrow. Many conservatives speculated that Trump’s planned trip on June 30 prompted the decision for Harris to visit before this point. One common view is that the Biden administration did not like the optics of Trump going down to the border before a member of their own team. 

Weeks ago, Texas joined Arizona in sending out calls for reinforcement and support at the Southern border. To date, Florida, Nebraska, and South Dakota have agreed to provide assistance. Not a single Democrat governor responded to help pleas from Arizona and Texas. 

Getting to the Bottom of This

One way or another, there have to be some real solutions carried out to quell the border crisis. It cannot continue as it’s been; already, states are banning together to bring back order. 

There’s no doubt that the vice president’s visit on Friday will be closely monitored and heavily reported on. The same also applies to Trump’s upcoming Southern border tour next week. 

What do you think about news that the vice president is finally going to visit the border herself and in person? Give us your insight in the comments section below.