Washington DC Confronted with New Electricity Problems

Washington D.C., the capital of the United States, is widely known for its tie to US politics. After all, the White House, Justice Department, Capitol Hill, and more are each located in the District of Columbia.

DC also faces a fair amount of criticism. Many Americans are concerned about the levels of corruption that exist in the swamp and amongst politicians that cut deals in order to advance their own interests at the expense of the country.

Last year, debates about whether or not Washington DC should become the 51st state resurfaced. This is likely to come up again at some point this year, especially with Democrats currently controlling the House and Senate.

However, at this point in time, the nation’s capital has much bigger fish to fry, as reported by Fox Business.

Serious Problems Facing Washington DC

On Monday, the nation’s capital was confronted with seven inches of heavy snow; along with this snow came significant electricity outages.

By early Monday afternoon, hundreds of thousands of personal residences and businesses were without access to power amid a blistering cold storm. Amid the significant storm, many residents of the area posted images and videos of the chaos on social media.

The mayor of Washington DC also announced an emergency in light of the inclement weather. Monday’s snowstorm furthermore added to the flight cancellations that Americans have been experiencing since the day ahead of Christmas Eve.

These weather issues mark a chilling start to the beginning of a new year that many people have already been tense about. Meanwhile, residents of DC found themselves trying to shovel snow in order to clear the paths of walkways and sideways.

Some neighbors even came together, pitching in to help one another.

How Long Will Power Outages Last?

A snowstorm is one of the worst times for anyone to be faced with a lack of access to electricity. As of Monday evening, multiple power companies confirmed they were hard at work to fix the power outages that hundreds of thousands of DC residents are facing.

Residents of the nation’s capital are also being called upon to report their power outages by calling or texting the numbers of their power companies.

Due to the power outages and massive snowstorms, federal offices closed on Monday in Washington DC. Areas that are close to the nation’s capital (such as Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, etc.) have felt the impacts of this calamity.

More information about snowstorms in the nation’s capital, along with the work to repair power outages and other damages, is likely to come throughout the week.

Are you or someone you know impacted by the massive snowstorm shaking the nation’s capital? Let us know in the comments section how long you think it will take to fix power outages.