Washington Democrat Governor Sued Over COVID Vaccine Mandate

Democrat leaders across the United States are absolutely loving COVID vaccine mandates. Contrary to popular narratives, these mandates have nothing to do with health; they’re simply another way for tyrants and fascists to exert control over others.

One silver lining is that the rollout of all these COVID vaccine mandates has engendered actionable backlash. Across the country, Americans are uniting and bringing lawsuits against leaders who are deadset on forcing through these mandates.

Right now, the state of New York is facing a lawsuit from 17 healthcare workers over the state’s COVID vaccine mandate. Now, Washington state is in the same boat.

According to Newsmax, a significant group of Washington state workers are suing Democrat Governor Jay Inslee over the COVID vaccine mandate that he implemented.

A Closer Look at the Lawsuit Against the Washington Governor

The state workers suing Governor Inslee include firefighters, ferry system workers, healthcare workers, state troopers, etc. In this lawsuit, the Democrat governor of Washington is accused of violating the state’s Constitution on matters regarding religious exemptions in the new COVID vaccine mandate.

Recently, the Washington governor declared that if state workers are not vaccinated against coronavirus by October 18, they will lose employment. State workers are not necessarily barred from seeking religious or even medical exemptions from the vaccine mandate; however, these exemptions will not automatically bar these state employees from losing their jobs.

Therefore, the lawsuit maintains that Governor Inslee is breaching religious freedom rights. Despite this, Inslee is still standing by the mandate. The Washington governor’s spokesperson maintained that Inslee’s mandate is within the law; the spokesperson also noted that the governor eagerly anticipates his day in court.

Grassroots Uprisings Against Tyranny

The lawsuit brought against the Democrat governor of Washington state is far from an anomaly. A growing number of workers across the country are suing leaders who opt to push through COVID vaccine mandates without leaving any real path for workers to refuse.

Medical tyranny is when people are told that they have no choice in accepting or refusing medical procedures. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter how Democrats or overrated government bureaucrats like Fauci attempt to justify this either.

Tyrants always believe they’re doing the right thing; tyrants also always believe that browbeating and forcing others into submission by any means necessary is the right thing to do.

At this point, it is absolutely imperative for people to continue to take a firm stand and say NO to medical fascism, whatever that may entail.

What do you think about the lawsuit that Washington state employees are bringing against their Democrat governor? Do you think these types of lawsuits will put an end to COVID vaccine mandates once and for all? Let us know in the comments section below.