Watch: Massive Group of Teens Beat US Marines

Memorial Day is supposed to be about honoring the bravest men and women in America who paid the ultimate price.

For three US Marines, however, it ended up in them being gang beaten. Is this truly what America has become?

What Happened?

This Memorial Day, a large group of over 30 “youth” were being reckless on the beach in San Clemente, California. Three US Marines who were there at the time told them to stop setting off dangerous fireworks and calm down.

They only said this because one of the Marines was hit in the face by a flying piece of debris from one of the firecrackers. The pack of youth then attacked the Marines, jumping them from behind and wildly kicking and hitting them.

There is no way even a Marine is going to keep off a group of this size. A disgusting video shows the youth screaming racist words and kicking them as they’re down.

The Marines were injured in this fight, but declined to be treated for injuries and taken to the local hospital. How can this seriously be what’s happening in America in 2023?

Police Are Investigating

Police are currently digging deeper into what happened. They say some of the youth who attacked the Marines could be facing charges.

The video footage shows the Marines being pursued and jumped from behind as they try to walk up steps from the beach.

After being sucker punched, one of the Marines turns around to pursue these slimy youth, which is when the worst of the fighting starts. Civilians walking by started shouting and demanded the youth stop, which is when it finally broke up.

The Bottom Line

America has far too many lazy, useless, violent youth who have no respect for the military or our freedom. They need to have much more discipline put on them by their parents and society.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.