We Must Not Forget to Defend Our Freedoms

Freedom is what makes America great.

Independence Day is here and as we all celebrate freedom and independence in the United States, we can never forget to defend our freedoms. 

Over the past year, the political left has launched an all-out assault against individual liberty and freedom in the United States. They’ve shut down businesses via government mandate, thus putting countless people out of work.

Leftists have also championed face mask orders and stay-at-home directives from government; as of late, the left has moreover been pushing for vaccine passports and the continuation of unnecessary COVID-related restrictions on Americans. 

If there is one silver lining to these attacks on freedom, it’s the reminder that defense of freedom and liberty always matters. 

How Can We Defend Our Freedoms?

The ultimate way for Americans to defend freedoms is by saying no to tyranny.

This means that shutdowns, mandatory masking, shelter-in-place orders, etc. can never be stood for ever again. As the left championed these measures as necessary, they ignored the adverse impacts; leftists also made clear that they saw absolutely no issue with handing over freedoms willy nilly to the government. 

Refusing vaccine passports is another crucial means of saying no to tyranny. Democrats are already pushing for Americans to enter into a vaccine passport system; this Orwellian system would involve Americans showing proof of COVID vaccination before being cleared to shop at a store, go into a restaurant, board aircraft, etc. 

Defending our freedoms means not accepting anything that runs contrary to freedom in the United States. Virus or no virus, individual liberty never ceases to be relevant. This past year has been a warning as to how quickly freedoms can slip away if Americans fail to preserve and defend them. 

All of this is worth remembering, amid festive Independence Day celebrations. 

Freedom Is Not Free

Another important detail to remember on Independence Day is that freedom is not free. 

America is a free nation today because our heroes and veterans fought and died to keep us free. We owe it to them to do our part to keep freedom alive and always defend it. 

Handing over freedoms in the hopes of getting them back at some later date is not the American way; it also goes against the very nature of what freedom itself is all about. So many people have sacrificed and paid the ultimate price for liberty in America; the least we can do is remember that on this Independence Day and never fall prey to tyranny. 

What are your thoughts about freedom in the United States on this July 4th? Do you believe it is imperative for Americans to defend freedom? Let us know your ideas in the comments section below.