WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki Making a Comeback

Towards the very end of October, Jen Psaki, the press secretary working for the Biden administration, tested positive for COVID. Psaki’s positive COVID test came in spite of her having complete vaccination status against the virus.

Following the news of Psaki’s positive COVID test, she announced her decision to go into quarantine for ten consecutive days. Likewise, the Biden administration’s press secretary also made a point of noting how grateful she was for having the vaccine, despite the vaccine failing to stop her from getting the virus.

However, today, Psaki is making a comeback and returning to the White House briefing room, as documented by Fox News.

What to Know About Psaki’s Return to the White House

This Friday marks the day the press secretary will be back to answer reporters’ questions. During the early stretch of Psaki’s time as press secretary, she took heat for stating she’d repeatedly “circle back” with reporters when she couldn’t answer questions.

Since then, Psaki’s dropped the “circle back” quip and merely settled for outrightly lying on behalf of the Biden administration. Psaki, since testing positive for the virus, has been working remotely from home, as the deputy press secretary of the White House fills in, taking direct questions from the media.

Psaki frequently spars with Fox News reporter Peter Doocey. It is not uncommon for Doocey to hold the Biden administration’s feet to the fire, calling out inconsistencies and not accepting fluff answers.

The press secretary for the Biden administration is far from the only White House aide to test positive for coronavirus in spite of having their shots.

Weeks ago, Alejandro Mayorkas, the Department of Homeland Security secretary, also received a positive COVID test, despite having his shots against COVID.

What to Expect Upon Psaki’s Return

The American public can expect Psaki to continue distorting truth and facts in order to make Joe Biden look good. Just like other members of the Biden administration, Psaki has repeatedly downplayed the severity of inflation and the supply chain.

Even since her time in quarantine, Psaki’s been using Twitter to spread falsehoods about the role this president has played in America’s inflation crisis. However, despite the falsehoods of the press secretary, the public is still calling her out and speaking truth to power.

At this point in America, it is very well-established that the Biden administration lacks any intention of being honest or forthcoming with the public. The country shouldn’t expect any different going forward or amid Psaki’s return.

What do you think about the news that Biden’s press secretary will make a comeback to the White House after testing positive for COVID and undergoing quarantine? We’d love to read about your ideas down below.