What a Bunch of Malarkey

What a Bunch of Malarkey

With just a few months to go before the Iowa caucuses, Joe Biden kicked off his whistlestop (not to be confused with whistleblower) style “No Malarkey” tour of the state. However, it got off on the wrong foot. This seems to be “Uncle Joe’s” M.O.

In Biden’s first speech on this trip in Carroll, Iowa, he started off with a baldfaced lie.

The man leading the national polls claimed to have spent “a lot of time” with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Keep in mind, these are the same polls that assured everyone the Hillary would win in 2016. Let alone the fact that Biden is, for whatever reason, trying to claim that spending time with a dictator is a good thing.

Unfortunately for the former Vice President, people keep pretty close tabs on the man who is one heartbeat from being president. You see, in all the travel miles he racked up as Obama’s number-two, there is no record of the two having any one-on-one alone time. So, it’s up to the Lefties to vote in the primaries to determine if they want a lying, nearly-octogenarian Biden whose mental faculties are slipping.

More importantly, would they want either in the Oval Office?

Nevermind, that’s a dumb question. Lying is pretty much a given for the Left no matter which of the potential nominees they vote for.

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