What Conservatives Must Know About the Upcoming Christmas Holiday

"Christmas tree" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by alexyv

During the days leading up to Thanksgiving, Democrats urged Americans not to gather. People across the nation were advised by leftist leaders to have Zoom sessions with loved ones and abstain from travel.

“Thanksgiving bokeh” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Steve Byrne’s Photos

Much to the annoyance of Democrats, many Americans did not bow down to social control; to the contrary, travel by individuals surpassed one million on Thanksgiving Eve. Liberty-loving individuals also took to social media to censure Democrats who discouraged and shamed people for spending the holiday with their families and other loved ones.

However, the left-wing shaming isn’t over yet. According to GOP Rep. Jim Jordan, Christmas is set to become the next target of cancellation for the radical left, per Breitbart News.

The Left-wing War on Christmas

Rep. Jordan’s warning about how Democrats will attack Christmas gatherings and celebrations was very clear. Just as leftists implored Americans not to congregate with folks outside of their household for Thanksgiving, they will repeat these calls as people prepare to celebrate Christmas.

The same principle also applies to issuing limitations on how many people can gather in one home (although whether or not these limitations are adhered to is another story). GOP Rep. Jordan, in addition to sharing the above warning, has also remained critical of lockdowns, noting the damages they inflict upon society.

A Growing Discontent with Shutdowns and Other Restrictions

Days ago, the United States Supreme Court ruled against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s restrictions against religious institutions in the state. Cuomo, a Democrat, has since tried to make light of the SCOTUS ruling, but it still stands.

Whether Democrats like it or not, an increasing number of Americans are making their own choices for how they choose to spend the holidays. Some people are staying home, having Zoom sessions with relatives, and living in virtual isolation. However, other Americans are traveling, getting out, spending face-to-face time with people they care about, etc.

There’s a strong likelihood of Americans treating Christmas as they did Thanksgiving. Moreover, certain gathering limits that Democrats are imposing continue to face criticism for potential violations of the Fourth Amendment.

The saga of COVID-19 events and responses throughout 2020 is showing that people are becoming increasingly disillusioned with left-wing edicts that involve shutdowns and restrictions.

Will you be spending Christmas with your relatives and loved ones? Do you think Democrats will discourage gatherings and celebrations over the Christmas holiday as they did with Thanksgiving? Let us know down below in the comments section.