What to Expect in 2022 US Politics

2021 has been quite an interesting year for all of us. The year started off with a power transition in the White House from President Trump to President Biden.

Following that power transition, a series of messy circumstances occurred as Biden became deadset on shutting down virtually every single policy Trump had in effect.

The chaos happened in Afghanistan, with the growing threats of China and Russia, inflation, labor shortages, and so much more. As this year comes to a close, many Americans are wondering what to expect from US politics in 2022.

However, all things considered, next year’s politics in America could be even more eventful and impactful than this year’s politics.

The Congressional Midterm Elections

Next year’s midterm elections get closer and closer with each passing day. Right now, more than 20 Democrats in the House of Representatives are declining to seek re-election. This increases the likelihood of Republicans taking back this chamber.

Let’s also not forget the historical pattern of the party in power tending to lose the midterms. This, combined with Biden’s net negative approval ratings in 45 out of 50 states, likewise increases the likelihood of GOP midterm wins.

The midterms in 2022 will reveal whether or not Republicans are able to break the monopoly Democrats currently have in the federal government.

If the GOP succeeds in this regard, America will be spared from a series of bad policies that Biden is counting on a Democrat-controlled Congress to pass.

A series of generic polls tracking the midterms show that Republicans are very well-positioned to win, come November.

The Gubernatorial Elections

Across the nation, there are a series of governor’s races coming up in 2022. Some of the states that have gubernatorial elections to look forward to are Michigan, Florida, Georgia, South Dakota, Texas, and others.

These governor’s races will have a very monumental influence next year. They’ll have the strongest impacts on the individual states; however, the nation at large will be collectively affected.

If there’s one thing the past two years have shown, it’s how much it counts who the person leading a state is. Republican governors have largely steered clear of stringent mandates and restrictions that insert the government into people’s lives.

Democrats have done the opposite. It’s, therefore, no coincidence that states like Florida, Texas, and Arizona have the most people coming in, while states like California, New York, and Illinois have people moving out in droves.

Between the 2022 midterms and 2022 gubernatorial races, this upcoming year will be extremely eventful and relevant in the realm of US politics.

What do you think 2022 politics are going to look like in the United States? Will things get better or worse? Be sure to leave your predictions in the area for comments down below.