What to Know About Flight Cancellations This Year

A new year is here and yet, the impacts and events of 2021 are already lingering into present times. Many people in the new year are still living with the ramifications of things that stem from last year and other years prior.

In 2022, a lot of changes are coming up. Several states across the nation are going to be having major governor’s races. On top of that, the congressional midterm elections are coming up. This will impact the power balance of the federal government and even the 2024 presidential election.

However, issues outside of state and national politics are likewise having very real impacts on the lives of American citizens. One of these issues just so happen to be the giant flight cancellations that began last year, days before Christmas, as noted by Fox Business.

What to Know About Bottlenecked Flights in 2022

At this point in time, the issues with flights that persisted during the week of Christmas and beyond are far from over. As things presently stand, at least hundreds of flights are still being delayed and canceled.

Already, at least one airline is winding down the volume of flights. JetBlue announced during the later part of 2021 that they’d be reducing roughly 1,280 flights until at least the 13th.

Like other airlines, JetBlue announced their staffers are calling in, unable to come to work, allegedly due to omicron. Additional airlines may also wind down their flights as well, if things continue as they’ve been.

Bottlenecked flights this year come amid massive frustration from travelers over the course of the holiday season. Furthermore, airlines that are shutting down flights remain under fire for issues customers are having with refunds and rebookings.

Will the Airlines Make a Comeback?

The Christmas holiday season wasn’t the first time airlines had issues with canceling flights. Months earlier, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines made nationwide headlines for canceling record amounts of flights.

Assuming that airlines are able to get things back in order, there is a real possibility of them making a comeback this year. However, it’s going to mean getting ahold of the staffing shortages they claim are happening.

Then again, if airlines didn’t fire swaths of their staff last year for refusing to get the coronavirus vaccine, they might be able to operate more flights. This doesn’t seem to be something the airlines (or other sectors struggling with staffing shortages) have taken into account as of late.

Ultimately, this month is going to be a significant tell as to whether or not airlines are able to get ahead of the problems they’re facing.

Are you concerned that airlines are still having issues with their flights, even as a new year is here? Let us know what you think lies ahead for the future of air travel in the comments area.