What’s Behind Top Globalist George Soros’ Endorsement of Ron DeSantis?

George Soros is one of the top globalists in the world. He shares the project of unifying the world under a high-tech liberal regime. He spends his billions to interfere in elections and the legal systems of countries around the world.

Soros is widely disliked by the American right and has also been a target of numerous politicians due to his pushing of soft-on-crime policies and far-left positions.

Though Soros recently shocked the world when he came out and said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will be the 2024 GOP nominee and praised the Republican leader.

Many people thought they must have heard wrong, but they did not. Soros really did say kind things about DeSantis.

Why Did Soros Say This?

Soros is a leading opponent of Trump and is deeply connected to the Clintons and many other powerful Democrat dynasties. He’s helped push an anti-American agenda in almost every way through his various organizations and the Open Society Foundation.

This included backing a lot of the violent riots against Trump during his presidency. Now, it looks like Soros is doing everything he can to back somebody other than Trump.

Specifically, Soros said that DeSantis is “shrewd” and “ruthless.” According to Soros, DeSantis is very “likely” to be chosen to lead the GOP in 2024.

Soros also threw in some criticism of Trump, saying he’s become a “pitiful” loser who spends all his time whining about losing the last election.

Digging Deeper

On the surface, this just looks like Soros trying to get DeSantis into office or insulting Trump. Though Soros is not a stupid man. He knows what he’s saying and people need to approach this with some skepticism.

Trump is already painting DeSantis as a fake and a self-righteous fraud who’s a “RINO.” Now that Soros adds in his compliments, DeSantis is further tarred and associated with bad things on the right.

The result? Trump’s profile rises and DeSantis’ support will weaken somewhat. This needs to be seen as an attempt to weaken the right and increase the infighting among the GOP in the DeSantis-Trump rivalry.

Remember that Soros has crashed entire currencies and is a fanatical supporter of the Democrat Party. He’ll do whatever it takes to sow more discord and confusion.

Furthermore, it’s worth keeping in mind that DeSantis has actively opposed woke policies and fought back against Soros-funded groups.

Trump talks a big game, but in actuality, he had many people in his administration with links to Soros, the Clintons, and other globalists.

The Bottom Line

Soros just wants to spread discord. Whether you support Trump, DeSantis, or neither one, you have to see through this cynical man’s games.

He’s just trying to feed into the drama and get the Republican Party even more fractured.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.