White House Aide Pressed in Interview About Biden’s Poor Approval Ratings

The various policy failures of the Biden administration are proving to be inescapable.

No matter how much the White House blames Putin, scapegoats Republicans, or otherwise tries to reassign blame, the polls speak for themselves and continue to haunt Joe Biden.

Americans are consistently giving this president low ratings on a number of real-life issues that he’s supposed to oversee. Clearly, the administration’s attempt to rebrand political disasters isn’t working out.

On Sunday, the White House came face to face with this reality. Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre sat down with ABC News when she was directly reminded of Biden’s low approval ratings.

The conversation that subsequently ensued was interesting, to say the least, as documented by The Hill.

A Rough Interview For the White House Press Secretary

Yesterday, Jean-Pierre told ABC News that the Biden administration “gets” the frustrations of everyday people who face growing prices, supply shortages, scarce childcare availability, and other crushing difficulties.

The White House press secretary then went on to say consumer costs are priority number one for the current administration.

During this time on ABC News, Jean-Pierre also touted the controversial Inflation Reduction Act, arguing this will play a vital role in bringing down prices.

She then specifically went after Republicans, arguing claims of this spending bill hiking prices are “false.”

Before parting ways with ABC News, Jean-Pierre yet again reiterated that her boss is going to seek a second term. This statement was made in spite of Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney directly saying, over the weekend, that Biden is not going to run for reelection.

Going in Circles?

The Biden administration has been repeatedly pressed on grievances the country holds; the Inflation Reduction Act is only the latest example.

In spite of repeated pushback from Americans, the administration continues to dig in its heels and regurgitate many of the same talking points. This is why the president is not making any headway in expanding his support amongst the general public.

Biden may be planning to run for reelection, but Democrats themselves are making it clear they don’t intend to support him. This very clearly opens the door for a different Democratic candidate to come in and successfully primary Biden.

The White House is constantly under fire for its perceived refusal to make adjustments in the policy department. Some Americans, for instance, believe the country should prioritize lowering energy costs over advancing climate change reforms.

The Biden administration continues to prove it has no such plans to rework its approaches to any policies.

What do you think about how the White House press secretary responded to questions in her latest interview? Share your thoughts in the comments area about what you believe this administration is going to say or do next.