White House Denies Americans are Stranded in Afghanistan

The Biden administration is facing heat like never before. Thanks to the president removing our nation’s troops from Afghanistan before getting our allies and citizens out, the latter are now stranded here. American citizens and allies who worked with us are stranded in Afghanistan, amid the return of the murderous, violent Taliban.

Just earlier this week, the Taliban issued a direct threat against America. This terrorist group had the audacity to declare that America will face “consequences” if evacuations are not finished by August 31.

Biden hasn’t made a single public response to this threat from the Taliban; however, Biden certainly has heat for GOP governors who want parents to decide if their kids mask up in schools.

Amid all of this, the White House is now lying to Americans about the crisis in Afghanistan. The White House falsely declared this week that Americans are not stranded in Afghanistan, per Fox News.

The Big Lie from the Biden Administration

This week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki clashed with Fox News’ Peter Doocy over the status of Americans who are trapped in Afghanistan. Doocey questioned Psaki on whether or not Biden understands that he’s being criticized for the means in which he pulled from Afghanistan, thus leaving Americans stranded.

Psaki pushed back, however, incorrectly claiming that Americans are not stranded in Afghanistan. The White House press secretary then stated that the Biden administration remains committed to getting home anyone who wants to return home.

Psaki also stated that she was “calling [Doocey] out” for claiming that American citizens are stranded in Afghanistan. Doocey later asked Psaki if the idea that Americans are not stranded in Afghanistan is the official position of the White House. Psaki, of course, did not provide a direct answer.

Fact-Checking the White House

It is almost laughable for the White House to profess that American citizens are not stranded in Afghanistan. This serves as nothing more than an outright lie to downplay the mess that Biden created by pulling out our troops on a whim.

Americans nationwide have noted that there are, in fact, U.S. citizens stranded in Afghanistan. Even leftist CNN called out Psaki, noting that right now, there are many American citizens who feel stranded in a nation where the Taliban is beating people, blocking folks from getting to the Kabul airport, etc.

Despite Psaki’s best efforts, the Biden White House will not be able to lie its way out of the absolute mess they created. No one believes that Americans are not stranded in Afghanistan; every single shred of evidence points exactly to the contrary.

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